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The Most Popular Dog Names of 2023

Silly, serious, witty, or unique — there’s always a plethora of dog names for dog parents to choose from. And each year sees new popular names that they come up for their dogs.

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And this year is no different! For 2023, the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Rover dug their databases and compiled all the trendiest, most popular dog names paw-rents have been naming their doggos.

Continue reading below for this year’s dog name trends and see if your doggo’s name made it!

Dog Name Trends of 2023

This year, Rover saw a lot of dog name trends. Some might surprise you, but some may not. Find out if your dog’s name was inspired by these 2023 trends!

1. 90s Nostalgia

90S Nostalgia
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That’s right! If you think only 90s and early 2000s fashion trends are back this year, you’re wrong! Obviously, dog parents have to match their sense of fashion with their dog’s name.

This year, Rover reports that among the 90s-inspired names, the most popular dog name is Alanis (Morisette), which is up 547%. Furthermore, paw-rents are making sure their dogs know they’re spicing up their lives by naming them Ginger Spice (up 47%).

Other famous 90s pop culture names that are trending this year include Drew Barrymore (up 297%) and Furby (up 27%).

Other 90s dog name trends that Rover welcomed to the list this year include:

  • Leonardo Dogcaprio
  • Shania Twain
  • Richard Gere
  • Fergie
  • Shakira
  • Avril

2. Food And Drinks

Artisan Charcuterie Boards Food On The Table
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Food and drinks-inspired dog names are not something new and have always been popular among dog parents.

Some food and drink-inspired dog names that pet parents served this year include:

  • Beer (Up 330%)
  • Green Bean (Up 217%)
  • Cheerios (Up 198%)
  • S’more (Up 157%)
  • Tiramisu (Up 122%)

A dog named after a cheese? Yes please! Rover reveals that Charcuterie-inspired names are very popular this year. Stilton takes the spotlight and is up 198%. It is then followed by Quince (up 131%), Fig (up 17%), Prosciutto (up 14%), and Brie (up 2%). 

3. Sports

Football Player Making A Tackle During A Game
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It is a known fact that Americans LOVE football-inspired names! So, this year, some of the most popular dog names included well-known players and top teams.

This year, the #1 sports-related dog name is Kelce (up 135%) thanks to the Kelce brothers’ as they make Super Bowl history. And let’s not forget the fact that Travis Kelce is dating the biggest pop star in the world right now (Hint: Taylor Swift), which might have contributed to the trend.

Other dog name trends that are performing well this year include:

  • Celtic (Up 364%)
  • Trae (Up 222%)
  • Nikola (Up 147%)
  • Dunn (Up 147%)
  • Mariner (Up 131%)

4. Television

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It’s no surprise that dog paw-rents that are also fans of certain television series would want to name their furry friend after their favorite character or show.

A few years back, the popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ had the biggest influence in dog names. And this year, after the massive success of another Netflix series, ‘Wednesday’, fans of the Addams family came on top!

Wednesday Addams is the most popular dog name in the Television category this year, which is up 297%, while Wednesday ranked 2nd and is up 92%.

Other popular TV show characters that made it to this year’s trend list include:

  • Enid (up 217%)
  • Thing (up 197%)
  • Gomez Addams (New to the list)
  • Morticia Addams (New to the list)

5. Blockbuster Hits

Margot Robbie At The &Lsquo;Barbie&Rsquo; World Premiere
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Of course, if there are dog parents who love naming their dogs after their favorite TV shows, there are also those who love to name their doggos after blockbuster hits!

This year, Barbie was truly everything! Rover reports that for the first time, Mattel appeared on the list for dogs. Ken is trending up 79% while Barb is up 12%.

Other fan-favorites you might recognize that made it to the list include:

  • Deadpool
  • Zemo
  • Mystique
  • Loki
  • Groom
  • Wanda

Most Popular Dog Names Of 2023 (Female)

Thanks to AKC and Rover’s database of dog names, we now have the most popular dog names (female) for this year. Continue reading to see if your doggo’s name made it to the list!

AKC’s list of most popular female dog names include:

1. Luna 6. Lucy
2. Bella 7. Bailey
3. Daisy 8. Rosie
4. Maggie 9. Sadie
5. Willow 10. Lola

Rover’s most popular female dog names include:

1. Luna 6. Lola
2. Bella 7. Zoe
3. Daisy 8. Sadie
4. Lucy 9. Stella
5. Lily 10. Bailey

Luna, Bella, and Daisy, like the previous years, continue to top the list of female dog names. This is not shocking, as the name Bella is VERY popular among dog parents, even holding the top dog name of the decade title.

Most Popular Dog Names Of 2023 (Male)

And of course, AKC and Rover also dug up the most popular dog names (male) for this year! Check them out and see if your dog’s name made it to the lists!

AKC’s list of most popular male dog names include:

1. Max 6. Ollie
2. Charlie 7. Bear
3. Cooper 8. Rocky
4. Teddy 9. Finn
5. Milo 10. Leo

Meanwhile, here is Rover’s list of most popular male dog names:

1. Charlie 6. Teddy
2. Max 7. Rocky
3. Cooper 8. Bear
4. Milo 9. Leo
5. Buddy 10. Duke

While Max remains as AKC’s most popular dog name for male dogs, the same cannot be said with Rover’s list. Because for the first time in 10 years, the name Max was dethroned by Charlie.


Closeup Dog Collar With Metal Tag Shaped In The Form As Bone, Hanging From Neck
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Naming your dog is one of the most crucial part, if not the most crucial part, of getting a new puppy or dog! And for a lot of us, finding the perfect name for our furry friends can be challenging but fun at the same time.

With a plethora of choices out there, trying to come up with a name that perfectly balances your pooch’s personality and characteristics with your own style and interest is not easy.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick out one from the abovementioned names, or find inspiration to come up with something amazing for your pooch!


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