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OPPO Find X7 Series Receives Stellar First Software Update

OPPO Find X7 Series First Software Update

In a remarkable turn of events, OPPO’s Find X7 Series made a significant impact on the market during its first sale in China. The doors opened at 10:00 a.m. across all channels, both online and offline, unveiling a staggering 402% increase in sales within the initial 5 minutes compared to the previous generation. This triumph sets a new high for OPPO, showcasing the series’ popularity and consumer demand.

Simultaneously, OPPO didn’t just rest on its laurels but also rolled out the first software update for OPPO Find X7 Series, ColorOS Despite its modest 350MB size, this update brings a plethora of features and optimizations that enhance the overall user experience.

System Enhancements:

  • AI Intelligent Call Summary Function: The update introduces a smart call summary function that intelligently recognizes call content, extracting key information such as time, location, and schedule to generate a comprehensive call summary.
  • Article Intelligent Summary Function: Another noteworthy addition is the article intelligent summary function. It efficiently recognizes article content, providing users with a key summary, and streamlining access to essential information.
  • AIGC Elimination Function: This feature intelligently identifies picture content, eliminating unnecessary elements to generate cleaner and more natural images.
  • Boo’s (assistant) Screen-Reading Function Upgrade: The screen-reading function gets an upgrade, automatically recognizing copied content and offering corresponding service recommendations for convenient one-click access.
  • Eye Protection Mode Enhancement: The eye protection mode now includes an automatic function adjusting the visual color temperature based on ambient light, alleviating visual fatigue during prolonged phone use.
  • Lock Screen and Control Center Optimizations: The update optimizes the lock screen interface with a torch shortcut and introduces an auto-brightness shortcut switch in the control center.
  • Camera and Microphone Disable Tips: In VIP mode, users now receive improved tips when disabling the camera and microphone for enhanced privacy control.
  • System Stability Improvements: Overall system stability and smoothness receive enhancements, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Camera Improvements:

  • Fireworks and Food Scene Optimization: Photo mode sees improvements in shooting fireworks and food scenes for enhanced image quality.
  • Master Mode Thumbnails and Imaging Views Consistency: The update optimizes the consistency between thumbnails and imaging views in Master mode.
  • Dolby Vision Exposure Accuracy: Multiple scenes in Dolby Vision benefit from optimized exposure accuracy.
  • Telephoto Focus Accuracy: Focus accuracy for telephoto 3x and 6x is enhanced, contributing to improved overall shooting stability.
OPPO Find X7 Series First Software Update
OPPO Find X7 Series First Software Update

Communication Enhancements:

  • WLAN Network Stability: The update improves the stability and compatibility of WLAN networks.
  • Bluetooth and NFC Improvements: Better stability and compatibility are achieved for Bluetooth connections and NFC technology.
  • Mobile Network Stability: The stability of mobile networks is also enhanced, ensuring a more reliable communication experience for users.

In conclusion, OPPO’s Find X7 Series not only dazzled with its record-breaking sales but also demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement with the feature-rich ColorOS update. The blend of innovative software enhancements and camera improvements solidifies the series as a compelling choice in the competitive smartphone landscape.

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