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Macau International Airport enters 2024 with growth momentum

In 2023, traffic volume of Macau International Airport (MIA) saw a gradual stabilization and recovery.

With the airport poised to carry the growth momentum into 2024, a look back reveals that strategic partnerships, market insights, and a focus on passenger experience have played pivotal roles in its resurgence.

Taking Flight: Macau 2023 Recap

In 2023, MIA experienced a steady stabilization and recovery of traffic volume. The airport’s proactive approach included maintaining robust ties with airlines and delving into international markets, effectively addressing the diverse needs of passengers.

The network connecting major cities in Mainland China and international destinations saw a rapid revival, resulting in a substantial increase in air passengers.

MIA concluded the year on a high note, handling a total annual passenger volume of 5.15 million and facilitating 42,504 aircraft movements.

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On average, the airport managed approximately 14,000 passengers and 116 aircraft movements daily. This impressive recovery marked a 55% increase in overall passenger volume and a 54% surge in aircraft movements compared to the same period in 2019.

Airlines and Routes: MIA’s Network

Currently, Macau International Airport accommodates 25 airlines, collectively offering an extensive network of 48 routes that span Mainland China, China Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia.

The Mainland China market contributes 58% to the total passenger volume, with China Taiwan following at 15%, and Southeast Asia routes accounting for the remaining 27%.

2024: On Course for Continued Success

Looking ahead to 2024, Macau International Airport is poised for further growth, aligning itself with the tourism development goals of the Macau SAR Government.

The focus remains on consolidating the Mainland China passenger market while concurrently exploring international opportunities through collaboration with overseas and base airlines.

To cater to the growing demand, MIA aims to expand its network of direct or connecting long-haul routes, providing passengers with comprehensive one-stop travel solutions.

A key objective for the upcoming year is to strengthen ties with airlines in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, tapping into these regions to attract a more diverse international tourist base to Macau.

Strengthening International Ties

In its pursuit of global connectivity, Macau International Airport is intensifying communication with overseas airlines to promote tourism markets.

The goal is clear — entice more international tourists to choose Macau as their destination. Furthermore, MIA is actively promoting tourism in the Greater Bay Area, a strategic move to broaden its passenger source range.

Simultaneously, MIA is committed to enhancing travel convenience measures and services, ensuring a streamlined experience for both local residents and travelers. These initiatives aim to not only promote tourism but also contribute to the diversification and sustainable development of the tourism industry.

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