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Good Riddance to NFT Avatars on X 

Only one year ago, Twitter (now X) announced that paid users on the site could set an NFT as their profile picture. Douchebags rejoiced, as their three favorite things — NFTs, web-based opinion-sharing, and ostentatious displays of crypto wealth — coalesced into a cozy Venn diagram with Twitter at the center. But alas, nothing pure can survive, even things purely stupid.

Where once blue-checked jabronis could load their Bored Apes and Beeples into a special avatar hexagon that distinguished them from the hoi polloi and their little circles, the feature has been removed without fanfare.

The change is a product of the company’s New Year’s resolutions for 2024, chief among them to become an “everything app.” New features in the works include AI-optimized ad targeting of users and peer-to-peer payments.

Let’s face it, if Jimmy Fallon is the poster child for your situation, you’re pretty much doomed. One can only hope this continues the encouraging trend of no one thinking about NFTs anymore. We’re so heartened to hear this, it almost makes up for the devastation of agreeing with Elon Musk about something. Let’s have a little sympathy for the guy, huh? He’s taking an absolute bath over there, with the company’s recent net worth reduced by at least half since he bought it for $44 billion in 2022. Maybe he’s just hoping that if he eliminates the letters “N,” “F,” and “T” from the platform, we will consider calling it “X.” Good luck with that, Elon, and good riddance, NFT avatars.


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