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Animal Shelter Finds An Animal Sanctuary For A Sad Dog

The Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMA), an animal shelter in Kentucky who worked hard to find a forever home for a dog that they call “saddest dog at the shelter”, finds an animal sanctuary for the pooch.

According to the animal shelter, they took in the stray dog earlier in December. The dog initially didn’t have a name, and seems to always look like he’s feeling down, hence being referred to as the “saddest dog at the shelter”.

The pooch is believed to be six years old, is dealing with hip dysplasia, and weighs 77.20 lbs.

Two weeks ago, a worker from the shelter went on Facebook Live and the dog was seen sitting in a corner outside of the shelter.

The worker says, “He’s just a sad guy. He needs somebody.” She also added, “He just sits in the corner, with tears in his eyes. Sweet boy”.

The shelter reveals that he is a gentle giant who hasn’t done anything to make them question his behavior. He has also been around other dogs and doesn’t seem to show much interest in them.

After being called the “saddest dog at the shelter”, LMA revealed that the pooch is now named Dembe and is safe with Tribe Animal Sanctuary where he’ll undergo a program.

Tribe Animal Sanctuary reveals, “His new name is Dembe (pronounced dim bae). Dembe is an African (Uganda) word, meaning peace. We want to manifest peace upon this sad boy and when centered in peace, happiness and joy spring forth.”

The animal sanctuary further reveals a bit of history about Dembe saying, “a neighbor came forward and shared his original person had been tragically killed in 2019. The neighbor shared his name was Bear.”

Currently, Dembe has several medical issues which causes him pain. “He is on gabapentin until surgery can be scheduled,” the animal sanctuary revealed.

Tribe Animal Sanctuary tells an interested adopter that the pooch is currently not available for adoption. And that the pooch “needs time to decompress, get his bearings.”

“As a sanctuary, we don’t hurry dogs to adoption. We allow them “sanctuary” to recover physically and emotionally. We need to help him find and gain his mojo,” the sanctuary wrote.


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